Happy Sunday!

I was greeted with this lovely message in my inbox this morning from one of my Bride and Grooms.

I love what I do, especially when you get to work with lovely people who allow you to explore different creative formats and ideas.

It was my pleasure Mr and Mrs Burstow x  

C&K love letter.jpg

Anything bows...

So my slight obsession with bows have certainly come to the forefront this week. Triggered by me having a clear out in my cupboards at home and finding that half my possessions have some kind of bow on them. From bags, purses, belts, headbands and dresses... I'm pretty #bowsessed.

I started to think about how this underlying obsession came about. All I can think of is that the Graphic Designer in me, I have always liked things finished off and presented well. A bow can be in it's simplest form, just a finishing touch that symbolises completion. Whether it be on a gift, a fashion or hair accessory, there is something that is beautifully timeless about them. They can also show uniqueness and personality depending on the type and style of the bow. They can be cute, classic, sophisticated, trendy, made from textiles or ribbon or screen printed, using different kinds of media. They are very adaptable...

Over the last few weeks, I have been re-evaluating my own logo and thinking that there is something missing. After sitting down at my desk, I started to get my traditional crafting tools out, you know like a 'pencil', a pair of 'scissors' and a 'ruler'. There was something quite nostalgic about it and it reminded me of the time when I used to watch 'watched with mother' on video when I was little with my mum and there was a lady showing how to make paper lanterns. I used to sit there infront of the TV and make all these different sized paper lanterns out of old rolls of wallpaper etc.

So I started to make my own paper bows...and as you can see above, that was the finishing touch that was needed. I hope you like them.



My Bowsessions

My Bowsessions